Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and 2013 new louis vuitton handbags for cheap

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In 2002,LV(Louis Vuitton) and the leather family of Takashi Murakami Takashi Murakami cooperation has brought encouraging sales. Louis Vuitton bags and handbags recently launched a hardcover book of art, fashion, architectural theme, “Art, Fashion and Architecture” book by LV and Takashi Murakami,LV brand history and around the world andLVjoint cooperation of the artists. New flexible windbreaker, charming and full of silk pajamas, extravagance pressing the pendant to the exquisite watches are skillfully won the day successful crystallization. Following the London exhibition in cooperation with the Taiwan earlier, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton with the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama together again together to create new products, apart from the Whitney Museum in New York to open the second round of the cheap louis vuitton bags exhibition.Before the opening of the exhibition on July 10, LV will uncover the mystery of the full build of a new series bags and handbags and Yayoi Kusama.

It is understood that this book will have over 400 pages of content, there are a large number of illustrations, photographs, and illustrations to tell the legendary history of the LV and the French, English, Italian, three languages introduced to facilitate the reading of people from various countries. is expected to start selling on September 1 this year.

Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama from the age of 10, troubled by a large number of hallucinations, often attempted suicide, and her pursuit of these visions are found is these iconic wave pattern, and then she applied to the fabric, trees, room, sculpture, costume design bags and handbags, manufacture a cheap louis vuitton bags series of strong visual sense of the the Liebo point of art. Aged 82 years, Kusama Yayoi called the art world “Polka Dots Empress”, Red and White Polka Dot Art is her most famous masterpiece.


For the cooperation and grass,LV will next month release a new iPhone the App, then you can take advantage of the application between the shooting and custom grass the Yayoi pattern series, the App English and Japanese versions, you may wish to download a feeling the next wave point play fun. Will be the major flagship louis vuitton outlet store in New Yorkopening of the exhibition after the LVat the same time the shelves the the Kusama favorite nerves interwoven patterns for decorative hinge leather products will be launched in October.

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New Louis Vuitton Place Vendome jewelry series

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New Louis Vuitton on July 2, 2013 grand opening of the Place Vendome in Paris, Louis Vuitton the world’s first fine jewelry flagship store. Brand in order to celebrate this important day, especially composed for the series of fine jewelry in the Place Vendome .



Travel, has been one of the favorite design theme of the Louis Vuitton ,”L’ Ame du Voyage” Louis Vuitton is constantly updated series of fine jewelry, the Place Vendome series is a symbol of Louis Vuitton this “travel” Paris – the city is both a starting point, is this the perfect end of the tour.


The five colors of rubies, sapphires, yellow diamonds, gems, and dazzling white diamonds together to form the Place Vendome jewelry series. The diamonds are cut flowers of the classic Louis Vuitton logo pattern, combined into a rich architectural sense of the geometric shape of jewelry work, like the cityscape of Paris’s most characteristic re-interpretation of jewelry.


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Louis vuitton classic bags for cheap online

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Top day I will show all you guys some styles of louis vuitton classic bags for cheap online .As the follow you can see we all own online, if you like it ,please visit the homepage.  
Speedy 30-interpretation of the Keepall travel bag, round arc shape to make the space more spacious handbags. Zipper wide open additional padlock, prepare to add secure and reliable. This handbag deserved to be one of the classic brand-name handbags are always sought after.
Alma series of exterior design inspired by Gaston Vuitton in the 1930s creation of the last century, and now, this style has become a classic. This elegant handbag made in Epi leather, with dual zipper opening and closing, and in particular, has two inside the bag, stylish and full of feminine.
This the Stellar large handbags concentrated stylish and elegant charm, exquisite folds and gold style brass fittings.Neverfull handbags in classic distributed rich modern, safe travel or daily travel. This large capacity on both sides of the handbag with strap can adjust the capacity, stylish and practical design.


Artsy handbag is the perfect embodiment of a low-key bohemian style, with ornate golden metal key chain pendants and handmade exquisite handle, more luxurious qualities.

Delightful Monogram large handbag is elegant, low-key temperament suitable for everyday carry. The soft but durable Monogram canvas, light Baoshen and embossed handle, designed to bring the timeless charm.

The Annie large handbags Monogram Multicolore canvas made to add bright color to dress up. The spacious capacity with a stylish and feminine bow, soft folds and gorgeous golden brass accessories, dazzling and elegant.


This Wilshire large handbag is made of Monogram canvas, full of casual fashion style. Leather trim, chocolate lined and can accommodate the size of A4 files and laptop computers spacious, stylish and practical integration.This City Bag design inspiration from the strong technical force of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, to adopt Damier Canvas and decorated with Louis Vuitton Inventeur nameplate magnet suction device, is more convenient to open and close.


Keepall is a classic Louis Vuitton bag series. This large Keepall body bags in Monogram canvas, with the round leather with handle and double zip closure, shoulder strap with removable design.

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April Promotion On Club Couture: A Free Louis Vuitton Replica Wallet! And That’s Not A Joke!

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Free Louis Vuitton Replica Wallet

Since spring is already here… well almost everywhere, it’s time to freshen up our wardrobe and accessories. Every month, Club Couture is giving away a new gift to all club members and this time they’ve nailed it.

During the month of April, you will get a free Louis Vuitton replica wallet when you shop for your favorite designer purses on their site. All you need to do is to join their Club and make a minimum purchase of $75. It’s that simple! And it’s not a joke!

Even if the Louis Vuitton replica wallet is part of an older collection, it’s a classic piece, for spring and summer. You can even wear this wallet as a clutch, if you feel like it. This special offer only lasts for a month and I can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us next month.

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New Arrivals: The Louis Vuitton Replica Portobello Handbag

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Finally, the new Louis Vuitton replica Portobello is available! I’m super excited about this handbag because it’s one of the most versatile purses Louis Vuitton released lately. There is nothing that I don’t like about this bag and I think it has the potential to overcome the Louis Vuitton replica Neverfull.

What I really like about this bag is the Damier Ebene pattern. I’m getting bored to see amazing handbags available only in the Monogram canvas pattern; it’s really nice to see some diversity! Usually, every handbag is available in more than one type of leather but this is not the case. The sister bag for this model is the Louis Vuitton replica Sully.

Louis Vuitton Replica Portobello

Like I said, this Louis Vuitton bag is one of a kind. This is the first purse in Damier Ebene that has a brown lining, not red like all the other ones. Also, these Louis Vuitton replica handbags are available only in two sizes, not three. The only downside I could find is that it only has one zipped pocket, the other two are open and you might lose phone inside your bag.

These are absolutely my favorites Louis Vuitton replica handbags. For more details and photos, you can find it here. Which Louis Vuitton replica is your beloved?

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London Calling! The Louis Vuitton Replica Damier Berkeley

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The Olympics are almost over, but you can still treat yourself to a little piece of London with these Berkeley Louis Vuitton replica handbags. These ones in the Damier canvas are especially lovely!

In honor of the summer Olympics, we’re going to take at some Louis Vuitton replica handbags inspired by one of the U.K.’s trendiest neighborhoods. The LV Berkeley is named after Berkeley Square, the notoriously posh district in central London. I just adore Berkeley bags, and I think this beauty in Damier canvas is my fave!

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Berkeley

The Berkeley has a unique shape, tapering up near the zip top and expanding out at the base. Rich chocolate leather reinforces the corners and the handles, making these Louis Vuitton replica handbags pretty heavy-duty without looking like a duffle you’d take to the gym. It’s an ideal traveling bag, although the red suede interior is so nice you almost don’t want to put anything inside!

If you’ve been watching the games like I have and have fallen in love with London, the Louis Vuitton Berkeley bag is the perfect way to celebrate! The one you see here is from Club Couture and it looks “jolly good!”

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