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Clean lines and easy functionality define Fendi’s DotCom, the latest no-fuss addition to the brand’s repertoire of handbags.

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This calf leather creation has two main compartments and features a flat leather pouch which can be carried on its own. Palladium finish hardware and the Fendilogo complete the sleek and simple look of this instant classic.
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The bag is available in five different colors, so you can have one for every day of yourwork week. Four of the five shades are neutrals, which makes this bag seem austere when compared to Fendi’s Baguettes and Peek-a-boo bags, but the Dotcom is nonetheless set to have its own fan following thanks to an elegant shape and uncomplicated design.
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Priced at $2,400, this handbag is currently exclusive to Fendi’s e-commerce website but is set to hit stores in January.

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A new bag from Fendi and we’re expecting that it will be as famous as the Fendi 2jours and the Peekaboo bag. Whether that’s true or not, only the time can tell.

Meet the Fendi Dotcom bag – it has a futuristic name for the modern lady. The bag is designed as minimal as possible in order to create a timeless appeal. And as we look even more into the details, we noticed that the front closure is crafted in a unique way – it has a key-like hole and the interior leather pouch’s conical stud is the secret key to lock it. The pouch can be removed and used as a flat clutch.

The logo Fendi Roma is decorated on the top, it comes with single handle and detachable shoulder strap. The interior comes with not one but two internal flat pockets.

The Fendi Dotcom bag was first shown on the Resort 2016 Collection. Recently we spotted the Dotcom bag with flower embellishment on the Spring Summer 2016 Runway, so for those that thinks single-colors are boring, well more surprises are coming.

Measuring 30 x 24 x 14 (L x H x D) cm, priced at $2400 USD via Fendi boutique.







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Fendi is on top of its bag game, and over the past few years, the brand has given handbag lovers one great collection after the next. We just shared Fendi’s Pre-Fall 2016 bags and they combine the right amount of intricacy without going overboard.

Fendi also launched its US e-commerce site not long ago, and that’s where the brand is exclusively launching its new DotCom bag on today. The bag won’t launch in US stores until later in January, so Fendi is giving shoppers a major incentive to visit its online store. Also, if you love the bag and want to get it for Christmas, you can. If you order today, the bag will arrive December 24th.

Fendi DotCom Bag (2)

The DotCom isn’t out yet but lucky for me (and you), Fendi sent me a sample so I could check out the bag for myself. The best way to understand a bag is to have it in front of you, and that’s exactly where the DotCom has been for several days. Let me start off by saying it is stunning. I can easily see this bag becoming the next Fendi staple, following the massive success of thePeekaboo, 2Jours, 3Jours and By the Way.

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As far as first impressions go, the bag seems like a good successor to the By the Way, but offers a taller body and leaner width. The leather is thick and holds its shape well, which means the bag is not not light, but it’s also not overly heavy. Aesthetically, this bag is one of my new favorites; it’s another Fendi stunner.

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There are a few special aspects to this design, including a leather pouch that attaches to the main compart of the bag by by a conical stud. (See the stud on the front center of the bag? That is actually the pouch attaching to the interior) The pouch easily removes and secures and while removed can be used on its own or in addition to other bags. The center of the bag features a stiff partition that will hold shape but still allows you easily access to both sides. In a bag market where canvas linings reign, the DotCom offers a great grey microfiber. The bag also has a detachable shoulder strap along with a single top handle.

Fendi DotCom Bag (5)

I was sent a sample of the light blue color, and this hue of blue is perfect on calf leather. The color mixes blue with toned-down grey undertones, but there are currently four other colorways available. With bag prices skyrocketing, the $2,400 price tag seems quite fair, and the DotCom has shot up onto my wishlist.

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