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Looking for a one-of-a-kind bag that you can brag and show around? Well well, it looks like this Special Edition Goyard 233 Bag is what you’ll need to fulfill your unique bag fancy. We are pretty sure that this limited edition bag will paint the town red.

So why is this Goyard 233 Bag called a special edition? It’s because of the single color it is sporting. And what else? It is in grained genuine leather and is distinctively unique with its hot-stamped design on the side of the bag.

Comparing it with the original version of the Goyard 233 Bag, you can easily spot the differences. The original one comes in the signature Goyard chevron print with the logo incorporated into the design while the special edition comes in polished leather made more beautiful by an embellished hot-stamped design. On the other hand, they have the same large silver jewelry hardware closure for an added sense of security and style.

If you are on an adventure to hunt this bag down, make sure that you head to any of these Goyard boutiques in Paris, London, Seoul, and Hong Kong since it’s only exclusive available there.

Besides black, there are different colors available and each bag has their own unique hot-stamp. Do visit Goya stores to check and get more information about them.

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Goyard Sainte Marie Clutch

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In case you haven’t yet heard (or seen), there’s a new Goyard bag and it’s the Sainte Marie Clutch. Not a completely new style per se, but rather, a design drawn from the archives and given a modern update. And like the Anjou, which is part-Goyardine and part-leather, so is the Sainte Marie Clutch which can be worn two ways.

Simply put, the clutch comes with Goyardine (that’s Goyard’s iconic coated-canvas for those not in the know) on one side, with grained leather forming the flap of the other side. In other words, depending on the type of mood you’re in, you can show off the Goyardine side, or flip it over with the leather taking centrestage.

Anchored with a zip that runs across the top of the clutch, the 30.5 cm by 16.5 cm bag is somewhat more malleable than the Senat, good if you like your clutches more slouchy than stiff. Great for both boys and girls (it does come in almost every colour under Goyard’s existing rainbow palette), the bad news is our very own Goyard boutique in Singapore doesn’t stock it yet, so your best bet would be to venture overseas for now.

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Are You a Goyard Person?

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PurseBlog Asks Goyard

Last week, Chavie Lieber of Racked interviewed me for an in-depth look at the cult of Goyard. It’s a brand unlike any other we cover; even Hermès, in all of its tradition and conservatism, still debuts seasonal collections at Paris Fashion Week, sells a portion of its product line on its website and has boutiques in all the world’s major luxury markets. Goyard, on the other hand, does none of that, but it retains an ardent following and seems to attract new, younger customers, despite no advertising, an extremely limited retail presence and as little interaction with the media as you could imagine. What gives?

When Lieber asked me why I thought Goyard continued to attract customers despite its general rejection of all commonly used methods of doing exactly that, I balked. Having never found any of Goyard’s bags particularly compelling, it’s not a question I could answer from personal experience with my own shopping urges, and it’s not one I’ve ever seen Goyard’s loyal horde of customers discuss in any detail. If you’re a loyal Goyard fan, we want to hear from you.

What first attracted you to Goyard’s products, and how did you learn about the brand? Goyard’s website proudly proclaims that it doesn’t make seasonal products, so how does the brand hold your interest? Does celebrity affection for the brand, particularly the lightweight St. Louis totes, help or hinder your love for Goyard? Do you wish that the brand provided more variety, or is the brand’s ultra-traditional approach and distaste for the spotlight part of the magic?

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Hilary Duff Doubles Up with Bags from Louis Vuitton and Goyard

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Hilary Duff Louis Vuitton Empreinte Speedy Goyard St. Louis Tote

Here’s Hilary Duff, leaving a fitness studio in West Hollywood, carrying a Louis Vuitton Speedy Empreinte 25 Bandoulière Bag and a Goyard St. Louis Tote. Strangely enough, we’ve seen Hilary carry both of these bags before, which is a definite first/sign of the end times. We know from extensive research that Hilary uses her many lightweight, durable Goyard totes as diaper bags and gym bags fairly frequently. Goyard doesn’t sell its bags online, but you can find Hilary’s Speedy for $2,840 at Louis Vuitton.

Hilary Duff’s handbag collection seems to expand exponentially with every passing season. If you feel the need to keep abreast of every Duff acquisition in recent history, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Though, be warned: it’s an alarming amount of handbags. Check out“The Many Bags of Hilary Duff” and “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff, Part 2.”

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Goyard crafts Legend: Hand-painted traditional Achievement Y-classic LOGO

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In the French family Goyard bags manufacturer in the world, not just a simple luggage travel goods , it is both persistent and feelings of art. Y word is Goyard handicrafts , the most iconic of a printing LOGO, the achievement of a half-century European yuppies word of mouth process legend.
Goyard crafts Legend : Hand-painted traditional Achievement Y- classic LOGO
Brand was born from the beginning , Goyard home faithful origin , with quality , creativity of the brand concept , just as the same Y-shaped pattern , penetrated into every piece of every era and even transformation .
In the first industrial revolution under the influence of 19th-century Europe was shrouded in clouds of steam locomotives . Train travel has become a high society 's favorite activities . Past use of leather suitcase not easy to carry , when the people are longing so strong that it can be more lightweight . François Goyard brand founder 's son Edmond Goyard canvas timely launch of new material to meet passenger demand , so that once again leading the Goyard bags handicraft manufacturing trend.
After inheriting his father Edmond , created in 1892 out of a durable waterproof canvas , and used as the outer layer of fabric bags . Fabrics made of linen thread , cotton thread and twine blended , the surface is used as raw material in acacia handmade crystal coatings. Compared to expensive and bulky leather , canvas fabric with its lightweight, strong, waterproof, durable and so popular in Europe , Goyard has thus become a classic spokesperson.
Goyard crafts Legend : Hand-painted traditional Achievement Y- classic LOGO
During the same period , Goyard fabric draw parallel Y- , four-color ornamental engraving logo, has become a well-known brand identity. Letter Y bears many meanings : Y represents the name of Goyard , Goyard family but also to put the row initially engaged in the lumber business to pay tribute , it is then bundled wood in the form of Y-shaped pattern provides creative inspiration .
Y-shaped logo design production show Goyard craftsmanship . On canvas coating process is completed , the craftsmen who can be moved by means of a small square plate , using stencil stipple drawing on fabric . This process requires at least four times a continuous hand-painted , four colors to draw a parallel Y-shaped pattern . Over the years , Goyard House has refused to abandon these traditional procedure automation, each hand-painted fabrics points emerged respective unique features elegant artistry , craftsmanship Goyard become a representative symbol .
Thus, the classic and elegant hand-painted Goyard Y word printing , creating a brand handed down . The Goyard legend , how this hand- engraved patterns beyond . Brand was born from the beginning , Goyard home faithful origin , with quality , creativity of the brand concept , just as the same Y-shaped pattern , penetrated into every piece of every era and even transformation .
Goyard crafts four colors of the Y-shaped ornamental engraving drawn into the dream , the dream into luggage, travelers depart feelings, thick and warm.

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