Gucci Queen Margaret Quilted Leather Backpack

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‘Old meets new’ seems to be the buzzwords of choice over at Gucci now, with more and more new bags that are infused with the old. Take the Queen Margaret for example, which to me is the perfect combination of both (and also my personal favourite as far as the Pre-Fall 2017 collection is concerned).

With the giant bee that’s embellished with crystals and pearls inspired by an archive find from the 70s, along with the addition of Gucci’s most iconic bamboo handles (I still get shivers down my spine whenever I recall my trip to Florence where the craftsman showed me exactly how it was curved and varnished), this variation in the form of the backpack is the best of both worlds as far as form and function are concerned.

Besides using it as a backpack, you can also tote it via its top handle, which satisfies the functional bit. Measuring some 25 cm by 23 cm, it isn’t exactly a tiny bag, so fitting in most of your daily essentials won’t be an issue either. Lined with a suede-like fabric, the bag itself is made up of soft quilted leather, which also means it won’t be overly stiff.

Available in a full black version (shown above) that’s priced at SGD3970and one more in multiple colours (SGD4360), you can check them both out now at Gucci boutiques at ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Paragon.


But if backpacks aren’t your thing, don’t fret. The Queen Margaret also comes in the form of a top handle stunner with a sling (shown above), as well as a smaller sling bag (known as the Broadway) that you can wear across the body.

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Gucci Brocade Backpack 2017

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Gucci Brocade with Bow Drawstring Backpack Bag Gucci Brocade Backpack 2017

Gucci brocade to decorate many collection Spring Summer 2017 bag. But this is not in the form of the bag GG Supreme or the bag Jacquard that is already a lot of people know. This is a collection of Gucci brocade backpack of in the latest collection comes in four options, all of which are difficult to resist. Gucci Brocade Modern Future Drawstring Backpack Bag comes with a choice of 2 different sizes, large and small that sets it apart. There is also a collection of backpack with a touch of pretty ribbons. Here is the collection.

Gucci Brocade Techpack Bag Gucci Brocade Backpack 2017Gucci Brocade Modern Future Drawstring Backpack Bag Gucci Brocade Backpack 2017Gucci Brocade Modern Future Small Drawstring Backpack Bag Gucci Brocade Backpack 2017

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Gucci Snake’s a Favorite for Men’s Bags

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Snakes continue to slither in Men’s bags for Gucci.snake-print-leather-duffle-1

We’ve seen other Gucci bags like this, and just like them, the bags are full leather, and adorned in snakes or some other form. This duffle is stuff of legends: full leather, with one side plain, the other side printed. Feels like the same concept with the women’s Matelassé, where one side has a louder hardware logo, and the other is the quieter stitched branding.snake-print-leather-duffle-redembossed-leather-duffle

The Leather Duffle have modest variations to satisfy your possible needs. While one side is either painted or embossed with some form of animal, the back side has a silent blind stamp that is just so wonderful. It’s like having one bag with two faces.snake-print-leather-duffle-3

The double rolled handle, wide and deep structure, makes it feel like more than just a duffle, but instead a wonderful everyday day bag, work bag, and casual weekend bag – all rolled into one form factor.snake-print-leather-duffle-2

Since these are the newer bags, surely you’ve familiarized yourself with Gucci’s textile/suede lining. It doesn’t hurt also that the zippers are wide and goes down on the sides to make it easily accessible for what ever you may need to reach into it while carrying it.snake-print-leather-duffle-4

And, like any bag, Gucci doesn’t disappoint with bag construction. You can rest your bag on any surface, with a generous and smart placement of bag feet at the base of the bag so that the leather at the bottom doesn’t scuff.snake-print-leather-duffle-5

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Fall-Winter 2017 Womens/Mens Gucci Collection: Bags

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Tomorrow is Now Yesterday. Gucci’s creative vision under Alessandro Michele brought us into another dimension – a world where beautiful creatures and lush flowers are beautifully intertwined into a garden that can only exist in his mind. A world where the past and future are one and the same. A world where more is more is more is the norm.

Intoxicatingly haunting, filled with an ethereal extravagance that only Gucci can pull off, the Fall-Winter 2017 collection featured 119 looks for men and women in this first-ever unified show for the Italian luxury house. And while the RTW featured an exotic mix of colours, styles, patterns and prints, it was the runway bags (oh yes, the bags) that I had my eyes firmly fixated on.


With the general idea that everything can be worn interchangeably whether you’re a girl or a boy, the bags echoed the exact same sentiments with the end result being an extensive myriad of styles that no self-respecting magpie would be able to resist. From bamboo top handles that end in an explosion of bag shapes (there’s the Broche, there were Sylvie lookalikes, there were even reinterpretations of the original Bamboo Classic), you’ll find the bags in a wide variety of colours, finishes and leathers.


Then there are the bags that stole the show for me, including the intensively decorated bumbags, featuring a good number of beetles, butterflies, lion heads and the now familiar GG Marmont crest. Always loved the idea of small bags but wish they had more space? Now you can, with the ‘stackables’, different mini bags that you can hook up in twos or threes for everything you wish to carry when you’re out and about. There’s the gorgeous mens briefcase messenger that features a winged tiger (and a stunning bamboo handle) and of course, the suitcase carry-on that must have surely come out of the archives.

And while it is still much too soon to predict which of these pieces will make it into actual production, there’s really no harm building that wish list of yours already just to get ahead.

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Checkered tweed dress from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collectionCheckered tweed dress from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Alessandro Michele found inspiration in an “alchemist’s garden” for Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 show presented during the first day of Milan Fashion Week. Michele’s signature eclecticism was out on full display complete with bold florals, butterfly prints and vines. The Gucci woman has a full and colorful wardrobe full of embroidered capes, python print coats and ruffled adorned gowns. For accessories, embroidered parasols and wide-brimmed hats provide protection from the sun.


Python print jacket, skirt and boots from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Python print jacket, skirt and boots from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Embroidered cape and gown from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Embroidered cape and gown from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Floral print coat dress over lace bodysuit from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Floral print coat dress over lace bodysuit from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Pink gown with bow and crystal embroidery from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Pink gown with bow and crystal embroidery from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Fur coat and headband from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

Fur coat and headband from Gucci’s fall-winter 2017 collection

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Gucci Gets Heavily into the Brand’s Signature Bamboo for Its Fall 2017 Bags

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