Mulberry Hopton Bag 2017

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Mulberry Hopton Bag Mulberry Hopton Bag 2017

Mulberry hoptop bag inspired by the retro style, this rectangular shaped bag comes with a choice of one color, multi-colored, nor the motives such as zebra or snakeskin. Has been released on 3 January 2017, then Mulberry hopton new bag is available in boutiques is located in the area of Southbank, London. Not only can be enjoyed visually through colors, bag designed by the Creative Director, Johnny Coca, it also presents a three-dimensional effects via the lining in the ‘ body ‘ that’s his silhouette and boxy bag. If the previous collection bag named Lily, Darley Abbey, and Bayswater which appear with various options, now the Mulberry hoptop bag is the latest collection.

Mulberry Hopton Bag Spring 2017 Mulberry Hopton Bag 2017Mulberry Hopton Bag 2017 Mulberry Hopton Bag 2017

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Mulberry’s Reinvention Continues With Tons of New Bags on the Brand’s Fall 2017 Runway

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Introducing the Mulberry New Bayswater Bag. And yes ladies, it’s the ‘new’ Bayswater Bag and the name is also the ‘New Bayswater Bag’.

If you want to read in details about the difference between the newest and the original version of Bayswater, check out here for more: Mulberry New Bayswater vs original Bayswater Bag

Mulberry’s most precious and iconic bag has been reinvented. Obvious many elements have been kept like the postman lock and the interior hasn’t changed much. But do you notice one thing? The New Bayswater Bag has got extended wings.

Extended wings are trending right now. The wings on the Bayswater Bag can be pushed in or out. So for those that doesn’t like it, no worries!

The new Bayswater Bag is priced similar to the original Bayswater Bag, but the size is obviously different. It’s bigger than the original Bayswater Bag.

So this is a good sign, you can now carry more essentials inside and did you know that the Bayswater Bag is known as an everyday bag?

Its not the first-time that Mulberry has introduced a new version of the Bayswater, here’s a list that we’ve covered:

READ: Mulberry Buckle Bag

READ: Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder Bag

READ: Mulberry Bayswater Double Zipped Bag

Now for the details:

Mulberry New Small Bayswater Bag
Size: 21 x 26 to 33 x 13 cm (H x W x D)
Prices: Classic grained leather; 1295 USD, 1095 euro, 845 GBP, Natural grain leather; 995 euro, $1250 USD, 795 GBP

Mulberry New Bayswater Bag
Size: 28 x 36 to 45 x 17 cm (H x W x D)
Prices: Classic grained leather; $1550 USD, 1350 euro, £995 GBP, Natural grain leather; $1395 USD, 1250 euro, £895 GBP, Tartan wool; $1550 USD, 1350 euro, £995 GBP, Embossed croc; $1950 USD, 1695 euro, £1250 GBP













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Mulberry Bayswater Buckle Bag

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It all started with the Mulberry Bayswater tote – a docter’s bag, still handcrafted in UK and everyone with a sense of fashion will recognize this iconic.
Up until today the Bayswater remains hot and for a long period of time, no new design inspired by this collection was introduced, The Bayswater was a one-bag collection.
Then mulberry started to change course, they introduced a new bag, the Bayswater Double Zipped Tote. It was like the original Bayswater tote and Alexa Satchel were melted together. The design was quite similar to the original Bayswater bag, but it has two compartments and it was finished with two buckles. Obviously for those that desire large spaces, this version is an excellent choice.
Mulberry didn’t stop there, shortly after another new bag was announced, it was the Bayswater shoulder bag.
So what happened?
They transformed the original Bayswater tote to a shoulder bag, with the same signature postman’s lock closure.
And still it doesn’t stop there, because today we are going to tell you another story, the Bayswater Buckle bag have been released in store. The design is entirely inspired by the original Bayswater tote, but there is a major difference – the size is much larger.
Measuring 24 x 49 x 18 (H x W x D) in cm, with double leather top handles, made from strong and durable calfskin. It’s available in poppy red, black, in multicolor or the classic brown.
So what do you think? Mulberry’s strategy to diversifying their Bayswater collection was a good idea or not?


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Mulberry Small Clifton In Classic Grain Leather

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This is the Clifton, a new bag from British bag and accessory maker Mulberry. You could say it’s one of the first creations by Johnny Coca, the current creative head who until recently, was the man behind many of Céline’s best-selling bags in recent years. In other words, he would be the best man to revive Mulberry’s fortunes, right?

If you’re asking me now based on Clifton, my reply would be yes, and no. Yes because it’s indeed a new style at Mulberry that would be well-received by those who love their smallish shoulder sling bags (or just use it as a clutch) with the hardware kept to a minimum, which allows the leather to shine. It’s what you could call young, stylish and most definitely forward-looking, and something I believe most women wouldn’t mind carrying. Even the branding is kept minimal, just the name and country of its origin. In other words, Mulberry and England. Nice.

Now for the no bit. The moment you open the front flap you’ll see 3 zipped compartments, which for me is too much like the Trio. Yes, the zips run from end to end, and if you really wanted I guess you could just buy a Trio, instead of the Cliftonwhich is basically a Trio with a front flap. Right?

Still, it’s early days yet, and Mr Coca probably needs a little more time to find himself and grow into the brand. Honestly, take out the Trio reference and the Clifton is pretty decent, with the one in Small (17 cm by 14 cm) priced at GBP595, or aroundSGD1100 after conversion.

Available in Clay or Black, the Clifton also comes in a larger size and more colours.You just have to head online to Mulberry to have a look. And if you like it, just add it to the cart, since Mulberry ships internationally as well.

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Mulberry Chester Top Handle Bag Reference Guide

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Presenting the Mulberry Chester Bag. This top handle bag is one of the brand’s latest designs from new Creative Director Johnny Coca. The Chester Bag is a perfect everyday bag with its spacious interior and various compartments. The bag has a main central zipped compartment with two side compartments. It also features the press stud closure as seen on the Clifton bag. It has a zipped closure with a long leather zip pull and comes with brass component finish. It has an adjustable and removable strap allowing the bag to be carried by hand or on the shoulder. The bag’s interior is made of nappa leather for the Textured Goat, and suede lining for the Polished Embossed Croc.

Style, Price & Size




Mulberry Polished Embossed Croc Chester Bag $2,250.00 (USD) 8.7″ H x 13.4″ W x 7.1″ D
Mulberry Textured Goat Chester Bag $1,995.00 (USD)


Mulberry Black Polished Embossed Croc Chester Bag

Mulberry Black Textured Goat Chester Bag

Mulberry Burgundy Textured Goat Chester Bag

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